Wellness isn't just about what you eat. To achieve complete wellness, you must practice to balance the mind, body, and spirit. That's why I aim to offer tools for every facet of being. But first, I'm starting with food! The basis of nourishing yourself; the foundation upon which everything else builds.

Food is information— food is a huge part of our daily life source. In order to nourish ourselves best, its not about diets! We actually just have to feed ourselves the best ingredients, eat as locally and seasonally as possible, and eat what, when, and where makes our bodies feel best.

I often reference human design eating types to help better gauge the quality, location, and timing of our food. However, all recipes are based on the first half of the equation— eating intuitively. I'll often reference ingredient qualities and health benefits; I may reference human design from time to time, but it is not currently the main focus of these recipe books.

Heal Your Gut

Try New Ingredients

Cook What Feels Good

Hola, I'm Janelle.

I never thought of myself as a chef. Even though I began cooking at a young age for myself and my family, and my entire world has basically revolved around food for years. Working in the restaurant industry in my early 20s (both serving and as a line cook) certainly helped me appreciate cooking and learn some new techniques; ultimately, I'm here to share with you excellent and nutritious food you can make at home and share with friends or family.

Now I believe our bodies and health are a direct reflection of what we eat— and what we eat is a direct reflection of our mindsets and self love.

It's not about dieting, its not about the next fad. Just real food and our own intuitions guiding us to care for ourselves and eat what feels good. If you're un-familiar with your human design digestion type, I include suggestions and online resources to help you learn the best ways to nourish your specific body.

Are you ready?